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The SameDay app will be soft launching for the Las Vegas market this spring.

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    What is SameDay?

    What if your A/C stopped working or you had a water heater start leaking or you got a hot date and your barber or hairstylist was booked?

    What would you do?

    You would likely head to the handy dandy internet and start looking for someone to call. You might get lucky with the first call, but it is more likely that you would have to make several calls to find someone to give you SameDay service.

    If you need to get a ride right now, there’s a service for that. If you need food delivered right now, there’s a service for that.

    Now, when you need a service RIGHT NOW, there is SameDay.

    How It Works

    SameDay Service Fast

    With a click of a button, you’ll be able to notify everyone in the city that you are available RIGHT NOW to provide the services they need! Busy customers throughout the city looking for your service don’t have to endlessly search the internet and make call after call to find someone who has an opening now. They just click on the service they need, and they’ll have your information at their fingertips!

    Not on the first page of Google? Don’t want to waste money hoping your pay-per-click ad will work? Don’t have the budget for radio or television commercials? Need more customers NOW? SameDay is the answer!

    You can fill annoying last-minute cancellations and open spots on your schedule, keeping your staff busy and putting more cash in your bank account for less than the average cell phone bill! Do you have more than one person that provides services? No problem. Your dispatch can manage the account and keep everyone busy!

    Let SameDay Make Your Life Easier

    • Last Minute Appointments Filled
    • Quick & Easy Connections
    • Maximize Your Time
    • Service Now Without The Dozens Of Phone Calls

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